Set Your Intention For Your Wedding Day

A wedding is a representation of your love story, which is why no wedding is the same. You and your love deserve to have a wedding that feels like you. Before you start diving into vendor research or ordering decorations on Etsy, we recommend taking this short survey to set your intention(s) for your wedding day experience.

You Don’t Have to be in Yoga Class to Set Your Intention!

wedding-planning-couple-set-intentionGetting engaged is such a high! You have so much to look forward to. Every bride and groom reacts differently to the wedding planning process. Some dive right into details and instant decision-making. Yes, it is important to book key vendors early, but there is such a thing as a hasty decision.

On the other hand, there is such thing as “analysis paralysis,” meaning you mull over the options so much that you end up making no decision at all.

All you can do is be aware of your social style, and play into your strengths. If you need help, raise your hand. Don’t go it alone. Before you make a decision, talk it over with a friend, family member, or your trusty wedding planner (hi!).

Before you do anything wedding-planning related, we recommend setting your intentions. An intention is, “a thing intended; an aim or plan.” If you’ve ever taken a yoga class, often the teacher will bring up an intention (i.e. self-acceptance, pushing yourself, being present) or ask you to come up with your own.

At Look West, we ask all of our clients to set their intention for their wedding day. The main intention is to get married, lol, but you can have more than one intention on your wedding day! We find it helps to get a little more specific and toss in a few more adjectives. Before you make a wedding planning decision, you can refer back to your intentions to give you confidence to move ahead, or perhaps to pull you back from a hasty choice.

Helpful Questions to Set Your Intentions

How do we want to feel on our wedding day?

scones-and-coffeePick your top 3 priorities for your wedding day. (i.e. I want to feel….Present, Relaxed, Excited, Calm, Energetic, Carefree, Confident, Thankful, etc.).

Say, for example, it is really important for you both to feel Present, Happy and Energetic. This may influence your decision to hire an extra assistant so that you can feel Present. If scones and coffee make you Happy, have yourself some darn scones and coffee! If it is important to feel Energetic, maybe you’ll plan for a rehearsal dinner on the early side.


How do we want our friends and family to feel on our wedding day?

Pick your top 3 priorities for your wedding day. (i.e I want guests to feel…Comfortable, Welcome, Present, Appreciated, Entertained, etc.) Knowing these priorities will help you make decisions on your wedding ceremony and reception environment and the day-of timeline.

What makes us feel better in situations where pressure arises?

bride-groom-relaxing-dallas-fort-worth-weddings-plannerIn moments of pressure, what do YOU need? It is just the nature of a wedding day to feel a certain amount of pressure or nerves. It’s a big day!

Some people need a moment of privacy to collect their thoughts and relax. Others prefer to be surrounded by loved ones to calm the nerves. Before you start the wedding planning process, write down what you really need on your wedding day to feel your best. And don’t be afraid to ask for what you need. If you need a moment of privacy before walking down the aisle, take it! If you need a Sweetheart Table to just sit and be with your new spouse for a moment, do it! Ask for what you need.