How The Grinch Stole Wedding Season

COVID-19 is a fuzzy, pot-bellied green monster who stole every bridal gown, flower, linen and votive. It doesn’t seem like we’re going to get our stuff back from Mount Crumpit any time soon. I suppose we have to do our best Cindy Lou Who and remind ourselves of the TRUE meaning of wedding season.

How The Grinch Stole Wedding Season

Wedding season may have disappeared, but we have more first dances in our future.

It’s official: The Grinch stole wedding season. The dresses were sparkling, invitations were delivered and candles were ready to be lit…and then COVID-19 Grinch showed up.

Despite cancellations, postponements and total uncertainty, my April, May and June brides have been the epitome of grace under pressure. However, they have every right to feel a roller coaster of emotions because the COVID-19 Grinch has literally stolen their wedding season.

covid-19-wedding-seasonThe Grinch helped remind the people of Whoville that Christmas is about more than the gifts and decorations. COVID-19 is a valuable reminder that weddings are about love, family and friendship; not buttercream and bouquets. Most importantly, though, this virus is a reminder not to take your health for granted. I know it seams obvious, but there would be no point to wedding season without the good health of our loved ones. It has been lovely though, to see people find innovative ways to celebrate each other. Kudos to the drive-through birthdays and Zoom weddings! I love seeing a can-do, flexible attitude in a time of doubt. 

However, I am so looking forward to a great, big wedding “comeback.” The anticipation and excitement that weddings generate is a tonic to life’s challenges, especially something as brutal as COVID-19. A gathering with beautiful music, draped linens, candlelight, roses and hydrangeas will reinvigorate weary souls.

When all of the Christmas gifts and decorations went missing, the people of Whoville came together and sang. I am a fan of the power of song, in the right context…(sorry, Gal Gadot). I think for me, the next time I hear a ceremony song or watch a first dance, that’s when my heart will grow three-times the size.