How Do I Know if a Wedding Vendor is the Right Fit For Me?

Critical traits in a wedding vendor include quality, experience, reputation and value. Whether you are looking for a caterer, DJ or florist, these traits are universally important. However, I challenge couples to ask themselves, “Is this wedding vendor the right fit for me?”

What does it mean to be “the right fit?” Why is it important?

Finding the right fit is very important to your long-term satisfaction with your wedding vendors. But the phrase can be rather vague. What does it mean to be “the right fit” for you? It isn’t necessarily just liking a wedding vendor’s personality. Rather, you can determine someone’s “fit” by focusing more on their emotional intelligence and values.

How to Spot a Wedding Vendor with a High “EQ”

wedding-vendor-hire-floristIt typically takes strong organization, communication and creativity to be a top-notch wedding vendor. But a vendor who demonstrates high emotional intelligence will truly stand out.

EQ is by definition, “the capacity to be aware of, control and express one’s emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically.”  Psychologists believe the five key elements to “EQ” are self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and social skills.

How can you tell if a wedding vendor has emotional intelligence? During introductory phone calls or meetings, look for a few of the indicators.

1. Ask for feedback and pay attention to how they respond.

For example, you could ask a wedding vendor, “Should I have assigned or open seating?” Is their answer helpful and constructive? Or does it have potential to hurt the feelings of others?

2. Are they able to demonstrate empathy?

If you share with them that you have a complicated family dynamic, pay attention to their response. Instead of judging or labeling, are they striving to understand?

3. Are they motivated?

First impressions can be hard, especially when someone is trying to sell you their services. But you’ll want to hire a vendor who is motivated to knock it out of the park for you. A self-motivated vendor isn’t sitting on their laurels, treating every wedding as the same. They have high standards for their quality of work and see each wedding as a new opportunity to impress their client. A great way to tell if they are motivated is to ask them, “Why do you do what you do? What are some of your favorite parts of a wedding day?”

What are your wedding vendor’s values?


Every business, at least the good ones, have a core set of values. Most of the time wedding vendors will include these values somewhere on their website. If not, ask!

A few examples of core values might be Creativity, Positivity, Passion, Reliability, Respect or Service to others. Take core values very seriously because this is a vendor’s way of telling you the essence of who they are! Don’t hesitate to ask why they chose those values. Ask for examples of how they’ve applied those values to real weddings.

The Importance of “The Right Fit”

You deserve to work with vendors who understand and support you. Hiring vendors based on their talent and skill is vital, however, a wedding is also an emotional and personal experience. You and your vendors will be grateful when you’re the right fit for each other.